New Emergency Travel Assistance Provider

Global Excel Management Replaces Allianz Starting July 1, 2023

Effective July 1, 2023, Sun Life’s emergency out-of-country and out-of-province travel assistance provider, changed to Global Excel Management (GEM).  GEM will replace Allianz Global Assistance (Allianz).  We anticipate an easy transition for plan members.

For your information, Allianz will continue to manage claims incurred prior to July 1, 2023, for the remainder of 2023.

Plan members can download their new travel card on or the my Sun Life mobile app.  There will be no change to their coverage. And since the telephone numbers remain the same, there’s no impact if a plan member hasn’t downloaded their new travel card yet.

The ARA Group Benefits Medi-Passport has also been updated. You can download it below.

*Contract wording and plan member booklet to reflect the above changes will be updated at the next plan revision.

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